What is your return policy?

All sales are final on all purchases (except for Video Games, Systems, and Accessories)

No returns, exchanges, or refunds. Please make sure you ask any questions you may have about an item before purchasing. Many of our items are 10 years old or more and are often quite fragile. Items may break easily if not handled properly.

We make no guarantees that sealed toys are in perfect working condition with no factory defects should you decide to open them. There is no way to know for sure the item’s condition in an unopened package and the manufacturer’s warranty has long since expired on most of the items we sell.

Video games, Systems, and Accessories- We guarantee all these items for 7 days. If you have any issues with these items within 7 calendar days, you may return the item for an exchange of similar item. You must bring your receipt with you at time of return. We do not issue store credits; exchanges must be made at the time of the return. For some more expensive items, we may place warranty seals with serial numbers over the screw holes to deter people from switching out boards from video games and systems. In these cases, the item being returned must have the warranty seals fully intact with no apparent signs of tampering or the exchange will be denied.

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