We are always buying toys and video games from small collections that fill a shelf to large collections that fill a house.

If you have items to sell, please contact us. For large collections we can make arrangements to come to you. If you would like to bring your items to us, you can come by anytime during regular business hours. If you are bringing in a large group of items, please call ahead if possible to make an appointment so that we can make sure someone is here specifically dedicated to looking over your collection.

Please note that we are required by the state to file a report for everything we buy, so you will need to bring a current drivers license or state ID at the time you are selling, and the seller must be over 18. Anyone 17 and under must have a parent or guardian with them in order for us to buy your items.

If you have any specific questions about selling your items to us, please contact us or call anytime during normal business hours and we will be happy to assist you.

Here are some (but not all) of the items we buy:


Alien - Barbie - Cops ‘N Crooks - Digimon - Dino Riders - Dragonball Z - Exo Squad - GI Joe - Godaikin - Halo - He-Man - Heroscape - Horror Action Figures - Jurassic Park - Legos - M.A.S.K. - Mcfarlane Movie Monsters - Monster High - My Little Pony - Pokemon - Power Rangers - Predator - Robotech - Sectaurs - Shogun Warriors - Silverhawks - Small Soldiers - Spawn - Star Trek - Star Wars - Superheroes - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Thundercats- Transformers - Visionaries - Voltron

Video Games

Atari - 2600 - 5200 - 7800 - Jaguar - Lynx

Sega - Master System - Gensis - 32x - CD - Dreamcast - Saturn

Nintendo Handhelds: Gameboy - Color - Advance - Advance SP, DS, DSi, DS Lite, 3DS

Nintendo Systems: NES - SNES - N64 - Gamecube - Wii - Wii U - Famicom - Super Famicom

Playstation - PS1 - PS2 - PS3 - PS4 - PSP - Vita

XBOX - Original - Xbox 360 - Xbox One

TurboGrafx 16 – TurboGrafx Duo